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Featured Beer

Free the Trippel

ABV: 9.5

SRM: 9

IBU: 35

FG: 1.002

Hops: Saaz

Grains: Avangard Pilsen, GoldSwaen Belge

Rusty Bull's take on a style we truly appreciate.  We left the name for this beer up to our fans for inspiration.  Our contest winner, Charlie Gravitte, suggested a name that we think pairs well with our cheeky personality.  Our hope is that you enjoy the robust grain bill and the dry quality that is characteristic of the style.

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3005 W. Montague, N. Charleston, SC 29418


Fours are a social! (#rustybullbeer #rustybull #rustybullbrewingco )

We've got a Yeti full of good ideas for our Chili Bowl Parking Lot Party tomorrow! Come hang out and try some awesome chili that will go to benefit multiple different charities. #RustyBullBeer

Happy #ValentinesDay! Be on the lookout for our #Vday video - it has all the deets on how to save 💰 on 🍺. @paintsandpintscharleston will be in the House too! #RustyBullBeer
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What sweet ballad serenades you best? Sing a little love song to one of our bartenders today and receive $1 off your beers! Happy Valentine's Day! #RustyBullBeer

Welcome to our first weekly Shirt Sunday! Show us some by wearing Rusty Bull apparel and we'll show you $1 off each beer #RustyBullBeer
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Who's ready for a lunch break?! We've got sammies, hot dogs, pretzels and more. All best washed down with a delicious pint #RustyBullBeer
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This delicious dough is going to be at Bacon & Beer this Saturday and if that's not reason enough to be there then we don't know what is. Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts + #RustyBullBeer + Swig & Swine = 💯.
Best Brewery in Charleston, SC | Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts

**New Beer Alert** come check out the new cranberry saison. #RustyBullBeer
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Tag your Lobster loving friends in the comments - we’ve got The Immortal Lobster slinging deliciousness at 5pm & Chris Boone dropping the tunes at 7pm. Even better, the beer starts flowing at 11am. #RustyBullBeer
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Let some pints (and painting) keep you warm tonight. #RustyBullBeer

Hey 👋🏼 what’s up 👋🏼 hello 👋🏼 check out our new 24oz Mug Club Mugs 🍻when you join our Mug Club you get one of these bad boys + we’ll fill ‘er up (24oz) for the price of a pint (16oz)! Swing by the brewery to sign up anytime! #rustybullbeer
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Okay here we goooo!! You guys nominated your favorite cereals and we picked the most mentioned + the ones that will work best with our brewing process. Now it’s time to vote 🗳 🍻 #rustybullbeer

And just like that our mouth is watering 😏 come grab all your pretzel & beer needs this afternoon, we'll be closing at 7pm for a private event. #RustyBullBeer
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Yes, dreams really do come true ✨ we’re using your favorite cereal to create our next beer 🥣🍺. To nominate your breakfast love language, comment your favorite cereal below 👇🏼👇🏼 top picks will be announced on Friday. #RustyBullBeer
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We’re tapping The Belgian Trippel from our #YouNameTheBeer contest this Friday! And if this video didn’t give it away, our winning name is Free The Trippel. Congrats Charlie Gravitte. #freethetripple #RustyBullBeer

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